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    Feb 2022 Academic Research Fund Tier 2 (EP5)


    Expert Panel 5 (EP5) is for the Physics & Engineering discipline cluster.

    The AcRF supports research in the Autonomous Universities that has academic significance and a good potential for creating new knowledge that will benefit the larger academic community. The research outcomes should advance high-quality research of international excellence that challenges current understanding or provides pathways to new frontiers. It supports research that serves as a foundation for discoveries that have or will have direct impact on the economy and society. AcRF contributes towards MOE’s mission of training postgraduate research manpower to support the national R&D activities by funding research scholarships.

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    31-Jan-2022 10:00 AM

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    08-Mar-2022 03:00 PM

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    Ministry Of Education

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    Ministry Of Education

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    MOE Academic Research Fund Tier 2 (STEM RIE2025)

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    Please contact your university's research office.

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