General Information on Budget

  1. Why doesn't the manpower budget correspond to the man months and number indicated?

    The system will not automatically multiply head count with man months. This is to allow flexibility in the number of man months one spends a year. For example, one might only spend 3 months in the first year and 11 in the second. So the PI should enter the total man months for ALL the staff in that category i.e. 14 months.

  2. Do I need to budget for annual increase in manpower costs?

    No. For budgeting purpose, the same value will be used for all the years. For actual disbursement, the amount will vary from year to year.

  3. What if there is no standard unit cost? e.g. for travel expenditure.

    You can budget using an average rate for the project duration.

  4. I cannot enter the budget for the second FY onwards.

    Please check that you have filled in the project duration in section 1E.

  5. Why must I submit a detailed budget attachment?

    The detailed budget will capture budget breakdowns if more than one party is involved in the proposal or if there are several projects in the proposal.

Last Updated on: 18/8/2017 12:30 PM